Work Week Warrior
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Supplement FactsWork Week WarriorWork Week Warrior

Work Week Warrior

Energy + Virility Shot Pack

POWER THROUGH your entire work week with this energizing pack!

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Slugging your way through another work week is tough enough! Friday can't get here fast enough, and then, sometimes you are too thrashed to enjoy it.  We have the solution!  

Power through your week with the Work Week Warrior pack which includes FIVE E-Drive energy shots for every day, and a ONE S-Drive virility shot for a little something extra on Friday night! Did someone say WARRIOR?

  • E-Drive delivers high-potency Vitamin B12 along with our exclusive Ginseng Plus proprietary blend which is packed with a precise combination of Ginseng extract, Green Tea extract, Caffeine and more — for up to a 6-hour effect!
  • S-Drive virility shot delivers high-potency B vitamins along with an explosive proprietary blend of Arginine, Taurine, Green Tea extract and more — leaving you ready to conquer the day or night!

With the WORK WEEK WARRIOR ... You are calling the shots!

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    Check it out!  Who would have thought we could get all of these powerful ingredients in such a small bottle?

    • Vitamin B12 — high-potency delivery to help fully activate cellular energy metabolism throughout the body and promote healthy nerve function.
    • Tyrosine — an amino acid building block for brain messengers and other bioactive compounds for energy and mood.
    • Caffeine — stimulating energy to ignite metabolism, fight fatigue and promote focus.
    • Glucuronolactone — a bioactive compound combined with taurine and caffeine for energizing benefits.
    • Ginseng — a traditional herb with a long history of use as an adaptogen to increase resistance to environmental stress.
    • Guarana, Yerba Mate and Green Tea — natural herbal sources of energizing caffeine. Green Tea is also a source of protective plant-based antioxidants.
    • Fo Ti — a traditional herb with protective plant-based antioxidants.
    • Damiana — a traditional therapeutic herb with a long history of use as an aphrodisiac.
    • Ginger — a traditional therapeutic herb with a long history of use for digestive support.
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