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Tbolt Brand Sponsors the Los Angeles Derby Dolls

For the remainder of this season, the LA Derby Dolls will be powered by Tbolt™ E-Drive! 

Founded in 2003, the LA Derby Dolls are Southern California’s premiere all-female, banked track, roller derby league. They take all the thrills of the old game and update it with a feisty face and a feverish pace.  These fearless athletes come from all walks of life—lawyers to stay-at-home moms!  But, don’t let that fool you because the hits and spills are 100% real.

Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.  among women today. Nationwide there are more that 650 leagues and 100,000 registered participants!  In case you haven’t witnessed a roller derby match for yourself, here’s what it’s all about. A match is composed of two teams of five players each: four blockers and one jammer. Points are scored when a jammer breaks through the pack, races ahead to rejoin the back of the pack, then attempts to jam through once again scoring a point for each opponent passed. The jammer has 60 seconds to score. The game consists of two halves; each half has two 12-minute periods.

Due to the action packed excitement, the LA Derby Doll events sell out almost every match! Check out their website to learn more.  Check the schedule, purchase tickets, and if you attend, keep your eyes peeled for the Tbolt™ ambassadors who will be passing out free samples of our E-Drive energy shot.

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