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Tina Tbolt - Car Rallies Are My Passion

Tina Tbolt - Car Rallies Are My Passion

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by Tina Tbolt

How did I become aware of and interested in them? I have several ideas as to how I became interested in them, but I know that there is not just one thing that drew me in. Growing up, my dad was always purchasing fast cars and then working on them to make them even faster. His obsession always fascinated me and although I had no interest back then, I was more than curious as to why he loved the speed so much. A part of me feels that falling in love with cars was my subconscious way of trying to get closer and spend more time with Dad.

When I was finally of age to get a car, I kept telling myself that I wanted to get the best gas mileage I could so that I could save money for other things. Although my first car had only a four-cylinder engine and got a whopping 35mpg, I wanted better.

Through my research, I joined different forums and learned about certain things that I could do that would not only help me get better gas mileage, but would also make my car faster. Problem was, I soon became more in love with the speed and less interested in miles per gallon.

As the passion of car building had planted its roots and began to take over, I met some amazing people along the way who introduced me to car rallies, races and track days. Although I felt that I didn’t have as much experience as the other drivers, I decided to take a dare and try it, just once. I remember clutching my wheel at the start line of my first rally so nervously but as soon as we took off all those feelings were left in the dust. The rush and the adrenaline have this way of controlling your body and the feeling is unmatched. I wanted more! It’s now more of an obsession than a hobby as the speed and challenges are incredibly addicting.

So here I am, three car builds, seven car rallies later, I am so in love with the adventure and the cars, I have no idea when or if it will ever end. I look back to the days as a little girl when I used to watch my dad build cars and know I am experiencing that passion I saw in his eyes that I once envied so much.


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